2 replies on “Radio Advertising: Trends, Formats & Effectiveness”

  1. The report is nice and a model one. Obviously, radio advertisements are emerged as purposeful mode of consumer communication and public hearing.

  2. Radio commercials are still a popular marketing medium. The frequency in which it reaches the audience is not matched by newspaper ads or TV commercials. With so many different radio channels, it is the best way to target the desired audience. The effectiveness of the radio commercial is but depends on certain number of factors. Since there are lot of commercials most of them almost same as any other, people won’t care to listen to a particular ad unless it is a unique, interesting one. It influences them even better if it tells something relevant for them. A unique commercial without any cliches that bores people always produced desired result. Commercials can be interesting by adding some humor or catchy jingles in it.

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