Movie ‘PARIVARTAN’ (meaning a change) is the first filmy creation in Madi, Chitwan (Nepal) that pioneered and paved a way forward. Produced by a team of the local youths and directed by Dev ‘Anjan’ Shah, it presents a clear message of change to the existing systems and phenomenon. The video movie was finished filming in Mangsir 2059 B.S. (November 2002 A.D.) with the then equipments and shown publicly and for charities. This clip from the movie ‘PARIVARTAN’ is the theme scene showing the brighter part of society in which conscious youths are attempting to get changes in the social beliefs, practices and systems. Suvash Subedi is casting the street-guy whereas Raju B.K., Laxman Paudel, Purna Chapagain, Sharada Guragain and Khemlal Lamichhane are performing the optimistic youths.

This clip from the movie ‘PARIVARTAN’ shows the superstitious beliefs of peoples on witch doctors called ‘Dhami & Jhankri’. Chiranjivi Kafle is performing the witch doctor whereas Himal Giri is the patient surrounded by his family members and neighbors (the local people of Basantapur Madi Chitwan).

This clip from the movie ‘PARIVARTAN’ shows how the poor and simple-minded girls are lured for better earning and trafficked to (Indian) brothels. ‘Megha Chaudhari’, followed by ‘Samjhana Paudel ‘ is talking to ‘Pavitra Subedi’, acting Savitri, who is in verge of being trafficked.

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